An Expedition Seeks to Uncover 'Britain's Atlantis.'
A new archaeological expedition aims to uncover evidence to gain more insight into Britain's Neolithic peoples, who inhabited the area of the North Sea over 7,500 years ago. The project is especially ambitious, as the dig site has been submerged beneath the sea since that time.

Being called the 'British Atlantis' by some, the area called Doggerland, now covered by the North Sea, originally connected Great Britain to the European mainland, but following the end of the last ice age, it became submerged as global sea levels rose. Previous evidence of a Neolithic culture living there has been uncovered in recent years, and points toward

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Stock Markets Around the World are Crazy. Catherine Austin Fitts Explains Why
September 4, 2015
Stock markets around the world, including ours, are going crazy. It appears that China may be on the brink of a financial meltdown. The media is screaming and people are panicking. But should they?

Catherine Austin Fitts is back on Dreamland to explain to us what's really happening. Should we prepare for a worldwide collapse? Are things going to stabilize? As always, Catherine's perspective is deep and filled with useful insight.

And, as always, Whitley and Catherine go beyond the news and deep into the hidden realities, and the hidden powers, that govern our world.

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MH-370 Found? Not So Fast--That Flaperon is STILL Unidentified
Despite being available to authorities for over a month, the recovered Boeing 777 flaperon that is assumed to have come from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370's Boeing 777, missing since March 08, 2014, has yet to be definitively linked to the ill-fated flight.

After having been discovered on a beach on Reunion Island, the flaperon -- a control surface on the trailing edge of an airplane's wing -- was transferred to a forensics lab in Toulouse, France, to obtain a positive ID. While it has been positively identified as a Boeing 777 component, and the only known 777 that remains unaccounted for is from flight MH370, authorities have as of yet to definitively link the part to the flight, as the identification plate, of which would bear the part's serial number, is missing.

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Bizarre Jonathan Lash Case This Week's Dreamland
Police are investigating the discovery of the body of a 60-year old Los Angeles man, who's home had apparently been stocked with over 1,200 firearms, 14 modified vehicles, seven tons of ammunition, and $230,000 in cash.

While these details might seem a bit odd, there is also the issue that his body was left in his car for two weeks before his fiancée reported his death to authorities. She initially delayed reporting this, since she assumed that his body would be retrieved by the secret government agency that he worked for, as he had told her that he was a human-alien hybrid that was here to help save humanity.

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Linda Moulton Howe Breaks the Jonathan Lash Case!
August 28, 2015
Linda Moulton Howe reports on the bizarre life and death of "Jonathan Lash" who claimed to be an alien-human hybrid and who died in the parking lot of the grocery store Whitley Strieber uses every few days. Lash died in the parking lot of a grocery store in Santa Monica, whereupon his girlfriend took him to a distant location where his body was found by police 12 days later. He was discovered to have $230,00 in cash, thousands of weapons, tons of ammunition and a number of cars, including one that had been modified to travel under water.

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Incredible Official Footage of UFO over Puerto Rico
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This extraordinary video was made on April 23, 2013 at 9:20 PM at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. An airborne US Customs and Border Protection Aircraft captured the object on an infrared video camera. It was moving at in excess of 100 MPH in the dark and low to the ground without slowing down or needing to avoid any objects. It is not a bird or any known aircraft. Obviously, not a balloon. The video was taken from a DHC-3 Turboprop reconnaissance aircraft belonging to Homeland Security. The object crossed the Rafael Hernandez airport twice, then submerged in the Atlantic Ocean and re-emerged from it a number of times before disappearing. The airport was closed to normal traffic during the incident.

Your Out There editor's only comment: WOW!

Child Stalked by UFO
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This is an odd and disturbing story. The object does look as if it is something in the sky. The little boy who took the video on his parents' phone claimed that he had been seeing it in the sky for some days. He felt as if it was following him. Whether this means that he would have been abducted or not is unknown, but it is almost unique for a person to find themselves being followed over a period of days like this.

Possible Major Cancer Breakthrough: Stopping and Reversing Tumor Growth
Medical researchers have discovered what may be the key to controlling the growth of cancer cells, in a process that looks promising in terms of not only halting the growth of tumors, but also in reversing that growth.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Florida have found that cell growth is regulated by genetic structures called microRNA--basically, molecular processors that tell a cell when and when not to reproduce. This miRNA triggers the production of a protein called PLEKHA7, of which tells the cell to cease dividing when division is no longer necessary.

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Gigantic Ancient Monolith Discovered off Sicily--10,000 Years Old AT LEAST
A 130-foot stone monolith has been discovered in the sea off of the Italian coast, that researchers say is at least 9,500 years old. The find was made during a high-resolution mapping survey of the seafloor off the coast of Sicily. The stone is in 40m (131 feet) of water, at a spot 60km (37 miles) south of the Italian island.

The regularly-shaped stone is 12m (39 feet) long and is estimated to weigh 15 tons. It has three 24-inch holes, two in it's sides, and a third one at one end that passes completely through from one side to the other. While the monolith's original function remains a mystery, one guess made by the researchers is that it may have been used as a lighthouse, with the hole in the end holding a torch as a beacon.

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"You Have Everything Because You're Alive"
Thursday August 27, 2015
"Claire" has never shared her high strangeness experiences with anyone until now. She does not wish to belong to the experiencer club, so to speak. But does she have a choice? This is one of those riveting, and at times gut-socking, discussions that begins with a dead girl telling her what we all need to hear. Sometimes the secret to existence is elegant even if the delivery system is complicated!